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Contractor FAQs

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If you are working as a contractor with Public Sector People, you may have a few questions about our processes. We've put a few of the most frequently asked questions together below.

When is payday?

Your timesheet must be submitted weekly by 12pm on a Monday (link at the top of this page) for the previous week's work. Your line manager will then get a reminder to approve the timesheet for us to pay you. The pay run is done on a Wednesday and you will receive your payslip, they are also available for download on your Astute portal. The date the money clears in your bank depends on who you are banking with.


As a casual worker, you are paid a casual loading as part of your hourly rate so whilst you are not paid when you take leave it has been counted in every hour you work. Should you need time off, speak to your consultant who can help arrange this with your line manager.

will PSP keep in contact?

PSP have a strong aftercare policy so expect to hear from us regularly! It is important we know if there are any changes to your role, if we can help in any way to make your job easier and support you in any way we can.

what if i Feel unwell?

Make sure you let your consultant and onsite manager know if you can't make it into work. It is important you let both parties know.

will PSP check if i have a Safe work environment?

We have a through Work Health and Safety policy including a pre-site checklist before you start with any organisation, a review to confirm the correct policies are in place that are relevant to you and a induction check we run through with you on your first day. We aim to make your environment a safe one and we are there to support you through any issues which may arise.

Injured on site?

Hopefully this will never happen, but if it does, notify your consultant Immediately. Your safety on assignment is extremely important to us and we are keen to know of any incidents or near misses to put corrective actions in place.


Find your consultant and get in touch with them if you're unsure about something.

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