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A Big Welcome To Paul Johanson, Our New QLD State Manager!

A Big Welcome To Paul Johanson, Our New QLD State Manager!

9 days ago By Emily Harris
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Public Sector People are very excited to welcome Paul Johanson to the team, who will be joining PSP as our Queensland State Manager! While we have always operated within the QLD job market, acquiring an experienced and dedicated leader like Paul was the next logical step in helping Public Sector People to capitalise on the great opportunities happening in Queensland currently and in the future (especially with the Brisbane Olympics incoming!). It will also help to further cement our vision of becoming Australia's most trusted recruitment agency. 

​Read below to learn more about Paul, his new role at Public Sector People and his goals for the Brisbane office moving forward: ​

Welcome to Public Sector People Paul! You’ve come on board as our Queensland State Manager. Can you tell us a little bit more about the role and the key things you’ll be working on? 

Super excited to be on board! I will be looking after anything and everything within government in QLD. Working closely with local councils, State Government departments and Government owned corporations.

It’s an exciting time, we are looking to grow a team of passionate consultants focusing on recruiting the best talent for Queensland’s public sector.

What was it about the company and the role that made you want to work for Public Sector People? 

From my first interaction with Public Sector People they shared really honest and realistic values. Everyone involved in the recruitment process shared the same enthusiasm for the company, which I found a powerful message.

PSP have a strong and exciting plan to grow the business, with a huge emphasis on establishing thorough training programs and creating trust, being at the forefront of everything they do.

This is an exciting role for Public Sector People as it’s establishing our first State Manager in QLD. When recruiting within a new market or location, what do you think is most important when reaching out to new clients and candidates? 

Its all about establishing our brand and forming relationships based on a foundation of trust. We want to share and display our values in everything we do. This means providing a strong and reliable service to both our clients and candidates and to be someone they can turn to for all of their recruitment needs.

What do you enjoy most about recruiting within the public sector, and what do you find unique about working with clients and candidates within government agencies/local council? 

The sheer scale and power of Government. The public sector allows you to get involved in a huge variety of opportunities and some really exciting up-and-coming projects.

I also enjoy being able to establish long lasting relationships with clients and candidates who are drawn to the industry. The longer you work in the industry, the more you come across people who you have met in some capacity earlier in their career and it’s amazing to watch those candidates and clients develop and grow their careers.

Why do you think it’s such an exciting time for job opportunities in Queensland at the moment – especially within the Public Sector? 

We are in such a unique time of growth that we are experiencing in the market right now. There are multiple exciting projects kicking off not only in SEQ but all over Queensland, along with the Olympics in years to come. I see QLD as being one of the strongest markets in Australia.

What are your key goals moving forward, both in your new role and for the PSP Brisbane office?

  • Establishing the PSP brand within QLD market

  • Attracting, nurturing and training a team of passionate and hardworking consultants.

  • Being a hands-on manager who can help build strong relationships with clients/candidates across QLD.  

When you’re not at work where are we most likely to find you? 

I’m an eager traveller! I love jet setting around the globe whenever I get the opportunity. I have recently returned from a trip to Europe, so I don’t think I will be going any where for a while now!

Outside of travelling I love spending time at the beach, socialising with friends over a beer or two or anything to do with sport….Go the broncos!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? (Professional or personal)

You need to crack a few eggs to make an omelette...hang on I’m not sure that’s really advice?

More seriously, the best advice came from a previous manager of mine earlier in my career and it was to “have a go, back yourself. Trust your gut instincts. You need to fail in order to succeed”.

I know personally, I have failed many times whether it be in sport or in my professional career and stuck at it, learnt from mistakes and turned this into some of my greatest achievements.

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Interested in finding out more about Paul's new position and the opportunities he'll be working on within Queensland? He can be contacted on:


Phone: 0401 857 515