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Congratulations To PSP'S 2022 Consultant's Consultant Sarah Kettlewell

Congratulations To PSP'S 2022 Consultant's Consultant Sarah Kettlewell

about 1 month ago By Emily Harris
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A big congratulations are in order for our Business Support and Professional Team Leader Sarah Kettlewell, who took home the Consultant's Consultant award for Public Sector People last Friday at PSP's End Of Financial Year awards. The Consultant's Consultant award is a very special award to receive as it is voted on by the entire PSP team and based on who they believe best lives out the Public Sector People mission of doing the right thing by their clients, their candidates and of course, their fellow colleagues. 

 While the competition this year was close, Sarah Kettlewell's work ethic, positive personality and amount of time she gives to her colleagues - especially new associates - made her PSP's Consultant's Consultant for 2022. ​

​Read below to learn about what this achievement means to Sarah and her goals at PSP moving forward: ​

Congratulations on winning the PSP Consultant’s Consultant Award for 2022! This award is decided on based on votes from the PSP team. What does winning this award mean to you? 

I think I speak on behalf of many in the business, but this is a super special award to win! It is a super special feeling to know that your colleagues and peers notice the work and contributions you provide! 

A big factor of the Consultant’s Consultant award is the recipient’s ability to positively influence and support their team members. What do you think is the key to good teamwork and being able to motivate your colleagues?

I think teamwork is all about being open, honest, approachable & available. Some days are harder than others no matter what you do, but I think being a team player means being someone that your colleagues feel safe to lean on in their times of need, leading by example & celebrating team success big and small.

This last Financial Year (F2021 – 2022) has posed some challenges – what were your goals coming into this financial year and how did you keep on track with these goals despite the challenges? 

Last year certainly had its challenges with so many of us in lockdown for extended periods of time. The uncertain and changeable nature of the pandemic not only made recruitment difficult at times, but also impacted a lot of people's mental health. Consequently, an important coping mechanism for me became making sure both myself and the people around me were in the right headspace and understanding that there will always be lows in recruitment when things don’t work out your way. Key goals over the last year became trying to take the positives out of the process, learn as much as I could, not letting the negatives affect me (for too long!) and being able to bounce back with a positive approach, as it’s not the end of the world!

What made you decide to pursue a career in recruitment? 

In all honesty I fell into recruitment about 10 years ago, and I honestly think it has been the most successful fall I have ever had! 

What’s been the biggest highlight for you over the last financial year? 

Developing and learning who I am and who I can be as a leader within Public Sector People. The biggest highlight though is seeing the individual success of everyone in the PSP team. The drive, commitment, and dedication that they all show every day motivates and inspires me in turn.

"Sarah is the ultimate team player. She helps everyone in the team with questions, provides excellent advice, and puts the team before herself, being completely selfless with her time. PSP wouldn't be the same without her!"

For anyone considering a career in recruitment, what do you think are some valuable skills to learn and develop?

Resilience for sure! Recruitment can be full of highs and lows. A little like life, the highs are incredible however it is how you manage and persevere when things may not go your way that will define you! 

The Australian job market is busier than ever right now! What opportunities does this pose for recruiters and how do you aim to utilise these moving forward?

Well, considering a big focus for Public Sector People over the next year is to grow the team, the busy job market is a great opportunity for us to secure more aspiring and experienced consultants to join the team! There are a number of job opportunities available across all industries at the moment, so I think from our perspective when looking for new people to join PSP, it's about focusing on promoting and living out our value and mission; becoming Australia's most trusted agency and ensuring we are doing the right thing by our clients, our candidates and especially our fellow colleagues.   

What does career success look like to you?

I define career success as everyone around me being happy & successful and that they are smashing their goals & targets - because this means I have done my job as a leader!

What do you like to do outside of work to switch off? 

I like to keep fit with boxing, spending time with my friends, getting out in nature with my bestie (my dog) & I am also currently on the hunt for Melbourne’s best Vanilla Slice, so recommendations are welcome. 

Looking forward, what are your goals heading into the new financial year?

I truly believe we have a great team of people here at Public Sector People, who are all destined for great things. Therefore, my goal is to become a better leader for my team & PSP overall by supporting, motivating, leading and driving success for each individual.

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To find out more about the current opportunities Sarah is working on, especially within the communicationsgovernance and policy space, you can contact her at:

0481 746 030

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