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Celebrating Wins: Congratulations to Amanda, Chris and Emin who have been promoted to PSP Consultants!

Celebrating Wins: Congratulations to Amanda, Chris and Emin who have been promoted to PSP Consultants!

26 days ago By Emily Harris
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Our Public Sector People team have had a bit to celebrate over the last month with three of our Melbourne consultants - Amanda, Chris and Emin - have not only completed our Public Sector People Growth program, but have been promoted to consultants!

​The PSP Growth program focuses on training and supporting those who are just starting out in their recruitment career and the fact that these three have been able to utilise their training, foster strong relationships with both our clients and candidates and become invaluable members of the PSP team, is a strong indicator of their bright future within the industry. ​

​Now on the other side of the Growth program, we spoke to Amanda, Chris and Emin about their biggest learnings, what others starting out at PSP can expect and what they'll be working on within PSP moving forward: ​

Congratulations on your promotion! What does this achievement signify for you?

Amanda: Coming into the role with no prior recruitment knowledge, this achievement signified all the hard work that I have put in over the last couple of months to grow my desk. It’s a rollercoaster ride, however, the personal growth that I have embarked on during this time is also an achievement as I have learned so much along the way.

Chris: This promotion is an example of all the hard work that not only I have put in to the program but also the hard work the wider business and Learning and Development team have put into the Associate Program here at Public Sector People. It signifies that I am heading in the right direction in my recruitment career thanks to the foundations that the Associate Program has laid out for me.

Emin: This promotion signifies that I have been successful in building a strong foundation for my career in recruitment, with recognition that I met and exceeded what is expected of me through the Associate Program. I now consider myself an experienced team member, who is able to drive business growth, build relationships and represent Public Sector People in a confident and professional manner.

Now that you’ve completed your associate training, what was your favourite/most valuable part of the program? 

Amanda: My favourite part of the program was being able to learn from my fellow associates and going through the ups and downs together.

The most valuable part of the program was having the immense support provided by Matt, Leanne and the rest of the PSP team, as well the opportunity to build and gain more confidence, which has really helped me get to where I am now. 

Chris: I believe that the most valuable part of the program was definitely the way it was structured. The program is designed to teach you what you need to know, when you need to know it in relation to where you are in the program. You're never thrown into the deep end to see if you sink or swim, the program guides you through each stage and allows you to build the foundations of your desk so that you are in the best position possible once you've completed the program.

Emin: The training program has been thorough, consistent, and engaging throughout the first 6 months of working with Public Sector People . The training has always been of a high level which we've received from our Associate Director Matt who shared all of his knowledge and provided guidance thought the training, and the Learning & Development Manager Leanne, who has always pushed us out of our comfort zones to thrive during the program. 

The training experience has also been very valuable for me personally. Coming from a travel career of 15 years prior to joining PSP, both Matt and Leanne have shown me new ideas, concepts and challenges that made me think differently and pushed me outside my comfort zone. 

Why do you think learning & development is important when starting a new role/career – especially within recruitment? 

Amanda: Learning & development is very important, especially in recruitment because for someone who had no knowledge about recruitment when they started the training like me, it was a very comprehensive crash course. Without the Associate Program guiding us and teaching us how to be trusted recruiters, it would have been quite the learning curve and I wouldn't have seen the same level of progression as soon as I have. L&D is also important throughout your career as things are constantly changing and we often have to adapt to these changes in order to see growth. The program has taught me how to establish my own brand for my own desk by taking on what I have learnt and refine it to what works best for myself, my market, my candidates and my clients. 

Chris: I find it extremely important. Similar to my comments above for the last question, the ability to learn the art of recruitment at a steady pace and build up your desk one layer at a time is crucial, as everybody learns in different ways and at different speeds.

Emin: The L&D function has been a vital resource, support, and source of reassurance during the introduction to Public Sector People. PSP have a very strong culture and ways of working which is underpinned by the L&D team. It is also hugely beneficial that the L&D team are experienced consultants and have been in our shoes. They know what we are going through and can provide insights and suggestions to ensure we are thoroughly trained and prepared for a successful recruitment career.

What do you think has been your two biggest learnings/take-aways from the Growth Program? 

Amanda: The Growth Program has taught me so much and some of my biggest takeaways would be, instilling consistency in your work and that showing sincerity and care in your interactions with others will take you places. Being able to show consistency in your work and creating a good routine is what helps your goals become achievable, no matter how big or small. When you have genuine conversations, you can create wonderful opportunities, not just in a professional context, but also in your overall learning as a person.

Chris: My biggest learnings/take-aways would have to be,

  • How important time management is. Recruitment can be a very busy and demanding role and you need to be able to prioritise and manage your time correctly to be able to successfully manage your desk.

  • Building trust. The program taught us that it is important to be genuine and to build trust with both your candidates and clients to be a good recruiter. Building trust ensures you maintain strong relationships, which is essentially what recruitment is all about. This is something that I have and continue to focus on each day.


  • I've learnt that building visibility through my online profile and promotion of roles, is key to success in developing my personal brand and making connections. People are looking for new roles through so many different online avenues, so the more you can be across these avenues, the better chance you have of connecting with a diverse talent pool.

  • “Shadow Sessions” with my peers was fundamental to understanding the day-to-day operations and challenges that the role of a recruiter at PSP entails. Having the chance to observe experienced colleaugues perform their role and being able to pick their brain about things makes the learning process so much more effective. 

Now that you’ve moved into a consultant role, what’s next? Do you have any key goals for the year ahead?

Amanda: I am now focused on bringing my desk to its absolute potential. I want to be a market leader and build my own brand. The world is my oyster and there are a myriad of untapped opportunities for myself to establish my name within the Finance space in the Public Sector.

Chris: My current goals are focused around doing what’s best for my clients, candidates and colleagues. I pride myself on being a market expert in Civil Engineering and Asset Management within Local Government and want to continue to develop myself as a recruiter.

Emin: My goals for the year ahead are to continue to develop professionally as a recruiter, enhance my technical knowledge, foster relationships with my clients and exceed my sales targets. I want to support my colleagues and be a team player who can be relied upon to go above and beyond what is expected in my role.

I am ambitious to succeed in working for Public Sector People and will strive to continue developing professionally and become a team leader, where I can use my experience to date, combined with my technical knowledge and leadership skills to drive the success of the business.

Now working with clients and candidates within the public sector for the last few months, what’s been your favourite part of working within the sector – and what do you think is unique about recruitment within this sector?

Amanda: My favourite part is having a good rapport with my clients and candidates. Having good conversations on the phone signify building trust and commitment on both ends. 

The public sector is such a diverse industry to work with. It’s a large industry that utilises a high number of contractors and this is beneficial to the business. It also helps candidates who are interested in working for the public sector and do not have prior experience to get their foot in the door as these roles may lead to better and bigger opportunities in the future. 

Chris: My favourite part would have to be sharing the good news with candidates. It will never get old hearing the joy in the voice of a candidate once I get the pleasure of telling them they have been offered a role. Helping people start or progress their careers is always a motivator for me.

Emin: The opportunity to represent Public Sector People through my interactions with so many new clients and candidates, building strong relationships and working together to achieve successful outcomes has certainly been the highlight for me. Recruitment in this sector is full of individuals who are passionate about the projects they are working on, which is why they come to Public Sector People, to ensure they get the highest calibre candidates.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for new employees starting Public Sector People’s Growth program? 

Amanda: My biggest advice for new starters would be to take advantage of the program and the support available as much as possible. Be like a sponge and absorb all the knowledge around you. Trust in the process, when the going gets tough, trust me, it will be all worthwhile after.

Chris: My biggest advice would have to be, trust the process. The team in charge of creating and running the program have many years of experience and knowledge which they use to guide you through the program at a suitable pace. If you trust the process, everything will fall into place.

Emin: Trust the process. The growth program that Public Sector People delivers is holistic and is designed to equip you with the skills for a successful career. The journey is challenging but also equally rewarding.

What areas will you be focusing on within Public Sector People moving forward?

Amanda: I will be focusing on temporary contract opportunities for Finance, Procurement and Payroll professionals. 

Chris: My area of focus continues to be on temporary roles within Civil Engineering and Asset Management within Local Government.

Emin: My focus will be on continued development of relationships with my clients and candidates and guiding them through the current complex market conditions in which we are currently operating. I will also be continuing my professional development and gaining technical knowledge to ensure I am regarded as a competent and successful member of the Public Sector People team.


To find out more about any of the roles Amanda, Chris and Emin are currently working on, or to learn more about Public Sector People's Growth program and how you can get involved, you can contact us here: 

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