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Welcome Yennie!

Welcome Yennie!

about 2 months ago By Emily Harris
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Public Sector People are excited to formally introduce two new consultants to the team...introducing Maddie and Yennie! Maddie and Yennie have joined Public Sector People as part of the organisation's Growth Program; a program designed specifically for those looking to start and grow their recruitment career. 

​Over the last few months, both Maddie and Yennie have been working both with the PSP Learning and Development team, as well as their fellow consultants to learn and develop the core foundations of recruitment. Now more than halfway through their training, we caught up with both Maddie and Yennie to learn why they wanted to pursue a career in recruitment, what roles they’ll be working on moving forward and their initial experiences with the Growth Program. Today we speak to Associate Consultant Yennie Sayle on how she's found her introduction to recruitment and the Public Sector People team:​

What attracted you to Public Sector People and its Growth Program?

I wasn’t quite sure the direction I wanted to take for myself. I finished my Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and I had started my master’s in public policy however, I wasn’t 100% in it. I was still in the hospitality industry and wanted a change. I came across PSP’s website and heard about their associate program! I thought how perfect it would be to have the opportunity to explore something completely new and be provided with all this support and training. After the first interview, I was eager to be part of a team with such a great culture and have the opportunity to grow. 

The Growth program is designed for those who are relatively new to recruitment – what do you think has been a key part of the Growth program that has made you feel more comfortable when starting out in the industry?​

All the support! Everyone at Public Sector People has been a key part of the Growth program. I felt comfortable asking questions from day dot. I’ve also never felt overwhelmed. The program has been designed in a manner where you’re guided every step of the way. 

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the Growth program and at Public Sector People? ​

Yes, as mentioned previously, the support here has been amazing! From daily catch-ups and workshops to shadow sessions and one-on-one sessions. I’ve never felt like I’ve been thrown into the deep end. 

Starting a new job is always a daunting process. What were your first few days at PSP like and how have you found the onboarding experience overall? 

My first few days were fun! We had a great chat with Alex (HR) who gave us our work phones and laptops and the induction run-down. We then had a couple of workshops, got to meet everyone in the team and have a chat about what their roles were within the organisation, in order to get a better understanding of how the organisation worked and how we'd work alongside everyone. After that, we started making our first calls to candidates! 

What are your goals moving forward with Public Sector People? 

I'd like to become a market expert within the HR and OHS space, to get my name out there within my vertical and hopefully, keep growing within the business.

What does prioritising people mean to you?

To reflect the values of Public Sector People; to focus on delivering a service that is founded on honest communication, care, feedback and the needs of our stakeholders. By doing this, you're able to live out the PSP mission of doing right by our clients, candidates and colleagues. 

Where do you hope to take your recruitment career?

To build a reputable name within the industry and become successful in what I do.

What have you enjoyed most about working in recruitment so far, especially recruiting within the public sector? 

I've really enjoyed learning about Local Government, pushing through the challenges of learning new skills within recruitment, the people I’ve met so far and the support I've received from my PSP team.

What can new employees expect working at Public Spector People-especially as part of the associate program?

 A great culture, a great bunch of people and a really supportive team.

What areas will you be focusing on within Public Sector People moving forward? 

I will be focusing on the Human Resources and Occupational Health & Safety space moving forward.


Interested in finding out more about Public Sector People's Associate Program and how you can apply?

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