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Welcome Maddie!

Welcome Maddie!

about 2 months ago By Emily Harris
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Following on from last week's blog, Public Sector People are excited to formally introduce another of our associate consultants to join the PSP team, Maddie Giani! Alongside Yennie, Maddie has joined the team as part of Public Sector People's Growth program; a program designed specifically for those new to the world of recruitment. ​

Today we caught up with Maddie to learn more about her experiences with the Growth program over the last few months, why she wanted to pursue a career in recruitment and how she's finding PSP. Read her answers below:

Welcome to the team Maddie! 

What attracted you to Public Sector People and its Growth Program?

Public Sector People have a strong market reputation as being a trusted recruitment agency within the public sector, and this is what initially attracted me to PSP. However, having brief recruitment experience it was important for me to find a company that would offer support, growth and set me up with the skills for a successful recruitment career.

The Growth program is designed for those who are relatively new to recruitment – what do you think has been a key part of the Growth program that has made you feel more comfortable when starting out in the industry?

A key part of the growth program for me has been the support from day one. I have felt so comfortable in every different stage of the program with clear feedback giving me the best possibility to succeed. 

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the Growth program and at Public Sector People? ​

The support in the growth program has been such a key part of my growth and development, it has been consistent and noteworthy. The support not only comes from Matt (who manages the organisation's Growth program), but the consultants and other associates. I also have a buddy who completed the growth program 6 months ago. We have weekly catch-ups and can chat through any questions or concerns I have. 

Starting a new job is always a daunting process. What were your first few days at PSP like and how have you found the onboarding experience overall? 

The overall onboarding experience has been amazing, everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. My first few days at PSP were organised and structured, from getting to sit down with everyone from the team one-on-one to learning what they do and having daily catch-ups with Matt. I felt like I was a part of the team from day one. 

What are your goals moving forward with Public Sector People?

At this moment, my focus is on becoming a market specialist in my area (business support) and growing strong relationships with both my candidates, clients and colleagues.

 What does prioritising people mean to you?

To me, prioritising people means doing right by our key stakeholders by making honest and truthful decisions. Making sure that we are best serving the needs of our colleagues, clients and candidates - whether that be finding them new opportunities, or checking in to see how a new placement is finding a role - should be at the heart of all decisions we make.

Where do you hope to take your recruitment career?

My focus at the moment is to establish my name and personal brand as a lead recruiter in the business support space. I hope to later grow and manage a team in the business support space. 

What have you enjoyed most about working in recruitment so far, especially recruiting within the public sector? 

The people! From the colleagues I work with to the candidates and clients I have spoken to over the last two months it has been great, and I look forward to meeting and speaking to more people within the public sector space. 

What can new employees expect working at Public Spector People-especially as part of the associate program?

A structured development plan where you are fully supported to grow and learn. 

What areas will you be focusing on within Public Sector People moving forward? 

Business Support across Construction & Engineering and Planning and Environment. 


Interested in finding out more about Public Sector People's Associate Program and how you can apply?

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