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Meet Our Newest Support Team Members -Welcome Sally, Molly and Stefan!

Meet Our Newest Support Team Members -Welcome Sally, Molly and Stefan!

7 months ago By Emily Harris
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​​Meet the new faces in our support team! In addition to all the new consultants that have joined the team since lockdown, Design & Build and Public Sector People have also been growing our support team. These guys work hard behind the scenes to keep both our D&B and PSP offices across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane running and are responsible for a number of critical operational tasks - from organising the business finances to managing the office's COVID requirements and everything in between!​

​Without further ado, we'd like to officially welcome Sally and Molly who have joined the team as administrators for both the Sydney and Melbourne office and Stefan who has joined the Melbourne office and working as our Assistant Finance Officer. ​

​This week we caught up with Sally, Molly and Stefan to find out a little bit more about them, their roles within the business and what their goals are as they grow with both D&B/PSP. Read their answers below:  

What were you doing before joining Public Sector People/Design & Build?

Sally: I was working for a recruitment company for 6 months prior to joining Design & Build. Needing to work from home due to Covid for a large portion of that period, I missed out on experiencing the office culture which I was keen to attain in my next job. Working for D&B, I can safely say this goal has been met! 

Molly: Before coming to Melbourne, I used to work as a lab technician.

Stefan: Before starting up with Design & Build/Public Sector People, I was working at Woolworths supermarkets in the role of Payroll and Financial Support Officer.

What first drew you to the company?

Sally: The friendly faces on the Website! Everyone looked both personable and professional and I could see myself fitting in with the company’s culture and enthusiastically upholding their values, which I also share.

Molly: The culture! From the website and my initial talks with the team, it felt like a really enjoyable place to work.

Stefan: What drew me to Design & Build/Public Sector People was the emphasis the organisation had on trust and prioritising people associated with the company, as well as the outlook the organisation has on training and development.

Can you briefly explain your role/responsibilities at Public Sector People/Design & Build?

Sally: I am the Receptionist/Administrator for the Sydney office. I manage the front desk, the weekly reports and any of the team's admin or office needs.

Molly: I look after general reception duties for our Melbourne office such as greeting visitors and taking phone calls. I also provide administration and additional support for all my fellow recruiters.

Stefan: I work in the finance team, assisting in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

How would you describe your first few weeks working at Public Sector People/Design & Build?

Sally: Fun and full-on! I have learnt so much which is what I was hoping for and my learning continues daily.  

Molly: Everyone has been super welcoming and supportive which has made the transition into my new role super easy! I’ve really enjoyed my first few weeks here and hope I can continue to grow within the business.

Stefan: My first few weeks working at Design & Build/Public Sector People were so exciting! Stepping into a role in a new industry can be pretty scary, although the team definitely made me feel very welcomed and a part of everything.

What does prioritising people mean to you?

Sally: Prioritising people is essential in life and in business. When I think of what prioritising people means my first thought goes to my gut and what that tells me. You usually know in your gut if you're doing the right thing by others, so I've learnt to trust my gut first- my discerning mind follows.

Molly: Prioritising people is so important within a business. When people make the effort to prioritise others within your organisation, you create a happy, healthy culture which helps motivate employees to always give 100%.

Stefan: To me, prioritising people means that we look at our core values and focus on incorporating them into our work and how we interact with those around us, and above all – always doing what is right by others.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Sally: “Be yourself” – it sounds simple, but it’s not.

Molly: Just to take things one step at a time and if something is meant to be, it will happen.

Stefan: The best piece of advice that I’ve received is, ‘Do what you think is right’.

What are your goals with the company moving forward?

Sally: To continue making roots- supporting the team, learning and growing together.

Molly: To gain good administrative experience and to hopefully one day make my way up within the business.

Stefan: My goal while working with the company moving forward is to eventually step into a leadership role and help others starting out with Design & Build/Public Sector People.

When you’re not at work where are we most likely to find you?

Sally: On stage! Or treasure hunting in an op shop.

Molly: At the gym or festivals enjoying music and having a dance!

Stefan: When I’m not working, you’ll usually be able to find me walking my two dogs by the beach or at the gym. On the weekends I generally spend my time socialising with friends, enjoying a wide variety of foods whether that be a homecooked meal or an evening out...with a cheeky beer of course!