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Welcome Emin!

Welcome Emin!

7 months ago By Emily Harris
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To wrap up the introductions of our Public Sector People Associate Consultants, we would like to formally introduce Emin! Like both Chris and Amanda, Emin has been diligently working and progressing through our Growth program (designed specifically for those new to the world of recruitment) in order to develop his communication, negotiation and analytical skills, as well as learning the core foundations of the recruitment process. ​

​This week we asked Emin to share his experiences with the Growth program, and how he's applying his new-found knowledge to roles within the project management space:

What attracted you to Public Sector People and its Growth Program?
Public Sector People have a strong reputation as being a high calibre, trusted and market-leading recruitment agency which appealed to me, as well as the inclusive and supportive environment they foster, which was evident immediately when looking at their website, socials and my initial interactions with the company. For me personally, it is vital to work for a company that has the right mix of culture, diversity, and most importantly provides the opportunity for development & career progression.

The Growth program is designed for those who are relatively new to recruitment – what do you think has been a key part of the Growth program that has made you feel more comfortable when starting out in the industry?​
The clearly defined, comprehensive training and mentoring that is offered within the program, is designed to refine, develop, and enhance your existing professional skills and ensures that you are set up for future success in recruitment. Each stage of the program has milestones for learning and developing and building on the knowledge and experiences gained each week, which has provided a solid foundation for progress and made the experience very enjoyable.

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the Growth program and at Public Sector People? ​
The support at Public Sector People has been consistent and unwavering, which has helped me enormously in settling into my new role and feel like a valued member of the broader team from day 1. The structured support within the Growth program provides a framework for learning & development and the mentoring provides guidance and support continuously, which is invaluable in the first couple of months.

The support and encouragement from the broader team has also been fantastic. The less formal, friendly check-ins from my colleagues have provided me with the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights and understand how we interact as a team and help each other out.

Starting a new job is never easy but especially when you have to do it remotely. How have you found the remote onboarding experience and what do you think made it easier?
The remote onboarding has been amazing and PSP and the learning and development team have been great at adapting and modifying the course due to the limitations of working at home. The support and engagement have helped immensely in achieving the desired outcomes and progression. It has been made easier with the support through regular team meetings, shadow sessions and one-on-one coaching. 

What are your goals moving forward with Public Sector People? 

My goal is to be a market expert and leader in Project Management for Public Sector People, assisting my candidates and clients in the journey and cycle of recruitment. I hope to rapidly gain the necessary experience and exposure so that I can lead and develop a team of my own and fulfil my professional ambitions.

Where do you hope to take your recruitment career?

Establishing my name and own personal brand as a lead recruiter in my specialised market and assisting candidates and valued clients in securing their future roles. I have ambitions to join the senior management ranks, where I can encourage and develop new recruits and foster a positive, supporting, and inclusive culture.

What have you enjoyed most about working in recruitment so far, especially recruiting within the public sector? 

The opportunity to gain in-depth understanding and insight into the end-to-end recruitment process and in particular the specifics of my own portfolio of Project Management has been enjoyable. However, the highlight so far has been the engagement and support of the broader team who are all driven and hardworking professionals and have welcomed me to the PSP family and made me feel part of the team at this pivotal juncture in my career.

What can new employees expect working at Public Spector People-especially as part of the associate program?

A fantastic supportive and encouraging environment, which is designed to ensure you will develop and succeed with your career in recruitment.

What areas will you be focusing on within Public Sector People moving forward? 

My discipline at Public Sector People is Project Management, specialising in Civil and Build focused roles. The opportunities that I will have to offer are based in Project Management, Project Engineering and Project Coordination. 

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