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Welcome Chris!

Welcome Chris!

8 months ago By Emily Harris
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Following on from last week's blog, Public Sector People would like to introduce our second associate consultant taking part in our Growth Program, Chris Castellano. Public Sector People’s Growth Program has been specifically designed for those just starting out in their recruitment careers, providing them with the opportunity to learn the foundations of the industry with help and support from PSP’s dedicated learning and development team and experienced consultants. The program aims to not only set our associate consultants up for ongoing success as recruiters but allows them to contribute to the growth and success of Public Sector People!

Now more than halfway through the program, Chris and co. have been developing their communication, negotiation and analytical skills and applying them to the dedicated disciplines they’ll be recruiting for. Consequently, we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with Chris to learn more about his personal experiences with the Growth program and how he’s applying his newfound recruitment knowledge to roles within the civil engineering space: 

What attracted you to Public Sector People and its Growth Program?

As this is my first role working in recruitment, I was looking for a company that has a great culture and a passion for training their staff. Once I received details of the associate program, I knew that Public Sector People were dedicated to helping their employees be the best that they can be.

The Growth Program is designed for those who are relatively new to Recruitment – what do you think has been a key part of the program that has made you feel more comfortable starting out in the industry?​

The great thing about this program is that you are not thrown directly into the deep end and are guided through the process one step at a time. It’s a gradual process where new layers of learning and complexity are added as you progress through each stage of the program, giving you time to learn and adapt.

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the program and at Public Sector People? ​

The support has been fantastic. We have daily group and separate 1 on 1 catch-ups with our trainers and management staff as well as having other colleagues throughout the business continuously reaching out directly to check-in and assist in any way. This has stood out even more as we have been working at home for most of the program.

Starting a new job is never easy but especially when you have to do it remotely. How have you found the remote onboarding experience and what do you think made it easier?

The program itself has adapted well to remote work and the daily group catch-ups at the end of each day where we discuss our learnings and achievements as a group has definitely helped. The whole team at PSP have also been very welcoming, always reaching out to check in and see how we are doing.

What are your goals moving forward with Public Sector People? 

​My goals are to become a market expert within Civil Engineering and become a successful recruiter, while at the same time supporting my clients, candidates and colleagues to achieve all the goals they have set out for themselves.

Where do you hope to take your recruitment career?

I am fully focused on being the focal point of Civil Engineering recruitment in the Public Sector for Metro and Regional Victoria.

What have you enjoyed most about working in recruitment so far, especially recruiting within the public sector? 

I have enjoyed learning more about Local Government and the people behind each council. Getting to know my candidates and clients gives great insight into each community and their passion for their role.

What can new employees expect working at Public Spector People-especially as part of the Growth program?

A supportive and encouraging culture, great freedom to be yourself and the opportunity to progress and succeed in your recruitment career.

What areas will you be focusing on within Public Sector People moving forward? (i.e. what desk you’re working on and what roles you’re helping with) 

I am specialising in Civil Engineering with a current focus on Traffic, Drainage and Development Engineering.


Interested in finding out more about Public Sector People's Growth Program and how you can apply?

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