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Welcome Amanda!

Welcome Amanda!

8 months ago By Emily Harris
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Public Sector People's excitement to get back to the office isn’t only because we get to reunite and catch up with colleagues, but because we can finally meet (in person) some of the new additions to the team, who joined Public Sector People during the latest lockdown restrictions. Our newest team members - Amanda, Chris and Emin - are part of Public Sector People's new Growth Program, which has been designed specifically for those new to the world of recruitment. Under the guidance of our Learning & Development Team, the PSP Growth Program aims to provide all newcomers with the foundations to build a successful career in recruitment, from the required knowledge to the essential skills and values. 

Over the last few months, our three new associates have been developing their communication, negotiation and analytical skills, as well as learning the core foundations of recruitment. This training will not only set them up for ongoing success as recruiters but allow them to contribute to the growth and success of Public Sector People! Now that our associates have found their feet and are working with our clients and candidates, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with each of them to find out why they wanted to pursue a career in recruitment, what roles they’ll be working on moving forward and how they’re finding the Growth Program. Today we speak to Associate Consultant Amanda Li on her experiences with Public Sector People so far:

What attracted you to Public Sector People and its Growth Program?

Coming from retail and going into a new industry, I was looking for an agency that would dedicate the time and energy into having a well-developed training program, which would not only teach me the processes and systems of recruitment but also guide and watch me grow. Public Sector People had highlighted this when promoting their Associate Program and it caught my attention. What cemented my attraction to the business even further, was the amount of information about the business and the company that they provided me, even before the first interview. It gave me a better understanding of Public Sector People and its culture and I was extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to start a career in recruitment.

The Growth Program is designed for those who are relatively new to Recruitment – what do you think has been a key part of the program that has made you feel more comfortable starting out in the industry?​

A key part of the program that has made me feel comfortable would be the amount of support and training provided. The whole team at PSP are extremely supportive, even with the little wins. The training that the learning & development team and managing director -Leanne, Matt and Tom - have provided has been so helpful and they ensure you understand the ins and outs of recruitment. They are there, as well as the whole team, at every step of the way and will always help guide you through any issue, big or small, you may face.

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the program and at Public Sector People? ​

The team's support is what keeps me going every day. Whenever I have questions, there’s always someone there to help. Starting the program with other associates that had no prior recruitment experience was fun, as it allows us to navigate through the journey of being successful recruiters together. 

Starting a new job is never easy but especially when you have to do it remotely. How have you found the remote onboarding experience and what do you think made it easier?

Working remotely is never easy for anyone, let alone when starting a new job. We have daily meetings with Matt every morning and afternoon that helps set up our days and the rest of the team is just one message or phone call away if you ever need help. Despite having worked 90% of my time remotely, we often have team activities organised for us online and it has been good to have some bonding time with the rest of the office.

What are your goals moving forward with Public Sector People? 

My main goal is to build strong relationships with both candidates and clients and to start getting my name out there.

Where do you hope to take your recruitment career?

I hope to build a good reputation as a trusted consultant and to bring success wherever I go.

What have you enjoyed most about working in recruitment so far, especially recruiting within the public sector? 

The new challenges it brings every day – there’s always something to do and there are always barriers to break. Once you push through these barriers, the wins that come are hugely satisfying. Within recruitment, you are meeting different people every day from different walks of life and there’s always a way to help bring a positive impact on someone’s career path. 

What can new employees expect working at Public Spector People-especially as part of the Growth Program?

New starters can expect an immense amount of support, to constantly be learning something new and most importantly to have fun!

What areas will you be focusing on within Public Sector People moving forward? (i.e. what desk you’re working on and what roles you’re helping with) 

I will be focusing on recruiting for finance temp roles moving forward.


Interested in finding out more about Public Sector People's Associate Program and how you can apply?

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