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Round of Applause To Lyndel Nothrop - This year's winner of the Support Star Award

Round of Applause To Lyndel Nothrop - This year's winner of the Support Star Award

11 months ago By Emily Harris
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Although Public Sector People and Design & Build are recruitment companies, our consultants couldn't be as effective as they are without the help of our support team, who manage all administration matters, finance, WHS and compliance, learning & development and marketing. So, every year at our annual End Of Financial Year awards, we have an award to recognises the stand-out performance of our support staff. This year, for the second year in a row, the Support Star award went to Finance and Payroll extraordinaire Lyndell Nothrop! She was awarded the Support Star title not only for her dedication and effort over the year, but especially during one of the busiest EOFY's Design & Build/Public Sector People have had. 

We spoke to Lyndel below to find out more about her role at D&B and PSP and what this achievement means to her:

What drew you to Design & Build/Public Sector People?

The culture and supportive atmosphere of Design & Build/Public Sector People is what is continuously appealing to me! Their high values in trust and communication are definitely felt throughout all operations of the business, internally and externally! 

 How did you start out in Finance/Accounting?

I started Finance/Accounting when I was about 18 years old, working as a receptionist/compliance admin assistant at my first full-time job under a Business Administration traineeship! While there I picked up the Accounts Receivable duties and just carried on with varying finance based roles ever since.

 What have you learnt the most from working in recruitment- especially having not come from a recruiting background?

The recruitment industry can be very tough, however with a lot of honest communication and hard work, there is a lot that can be achieved!!

 "The Support Star is a truly fantastic award as it is voted on by the team for the person they feel has delivered the most to the support side of the business. It is always a hotly contested award as we have an amazing support team at D&B / PSP. This year's winner Lyndel is a true example of someone who strives to always do her absolute best, she cares about what people are trying to achieve and works hard to not only deliver that but to better her understanding of what she is asked to do. In a time with lots going on for the business in the financial world, she has done an amazing job of keeping in front of what is happening. Thank you for everything you have done in the last 12 months Lyndel and everyone in our operations team!"

Tom Dumper - Managing Director of PSP

What motivates you in your role?

I'm always motivated to do more and improve our processes so that I can be of as much help as possible to the business and team as a whole, so I would certainly say my colleagues are great motivation for me!

What does career success look like to you?

I think career success is having a great work/life balance, with strong relationships inside and outside of work! Feeling a sense of joy and pride in your work and always being of great help to those around you.

The Support Star award is decided based on votes from the entire Design & Build/PSP team. What does winning this award mean to you?

Winning these awards means to me that when you do your best, it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and it can be of great help to your team! It gives such a great sense of motivation to always continue doing the best you can and to keep progressing!

What has been a highlight while working at Design & Build/Public Sector People over the last financial year (apart from winning this award) and what are your goals heading into next year?

A definite highlight for me was the work Christmas party. The majority of my time at D&B so far has been during COVID, so that was the one event that bought the entire office together and was a brilliant occasion! Over the next twelve months, my goal is to progress further with my studies and keep progressing with our payroll systems. As well as trying to get as many holidays in as possible!