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Recruitment Activity Expected To Grow Within The Public Sector Over Next 5 Years

Recruitment Activity Expected To Grow Within The Public Sector Over Next 5 Years

about 1 year ago By Emily Harris
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Federal, state and local government across Australia have been focused on rebuilding and growing Australia’s economy post the initial COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. A big part of this economic rehabilitation was dependent on job creation; the projects, initiatives and investments that would create jobs across industries and raise the country’s employment rate (which reached its lowest point in a decade during 2020). And it seems this hard work has paid off, with recent reports released by the National Skills Commission revealing that job advertisements in March had exceeded pre-COVID levels and that employment growth for the next five years is projected to grow across multiple industries- including the public sector. Find out more below:

The Stats

On the 21st of April, a detailed Internet Vacancy Report for March 2021 revealed that job advertisements were exceeding pre-COVID levels across all 48 detailed occupational groups. Within the report, it was also revealed that the Internet Vacancy Index (which is the only publicly available source of detailed data on online vacancies) has increased by 19.1% over March- which is the highest level the IVI has been in the last 12 years[1] (National Skills Commission, 2021).

Following on from this good news, earlier this week the National Skills Commission released their annual five-year industry projections, which revealed the employment projections across Australian industries from 2020 to 2025. These employment projections are based on the forecasted and projected total employment growth rates from a number of sources, including the November 2020 Labour Force Survey for total employment and the 2020-2021 Mid- Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook.  

While the ongoing uncertainty and volatility of the job market over the last year has made employment projections more difficult, the overall outlook of employment in Australia for the next five years looks favourable, especially within the Public Sector.

Within the public industry projection data[2], employment growth within the public administration industry overall is projected to grow by 4.6% over the next five years. Delving further into the industry, employment growth within central government is projected to grow by 4.7%, state government administration is expected to grow by 5.0%, local government administration is expected to grow by 4.9% and government representation is expected to grow by a whopping 8%. These data projections are also reflected in separate surveys conducted by the National Skills Commission, which revealed that recruitment activity for Community and Personal Service Workers already reached an all-time series high in March.

Outside of the government sector, the Health Care and Social Assistance industry is projected to make the largest contribution to employment growth at 14.2% by November 2025. The industry’s resilience to the impacts of COVID-19 has played a significant factor in these results, while the pandemic itself has highlighted the need for greater resources within health care overall. Accommodation and Food Services is another high performing industry expected to grow by 139,900 jobs by 2025 followed by the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (131,100 jobs) and Education and Training (118, 600 jobs) (National Skills Commission, 2021).[3].

While these statistics are subject to a degree of uncertainty due to the significant changes that have occurred within the labour market, the overall outlook for jobs appears highly positive- especially within the services industry. It also demonstrates the critical role services are playing in Australia’s post-COVID-19 recovery. The obvious service, Healthcare is needed not only to manage the fall-out of COVID-19 and further prevention of the pandemic but to support our aging population. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services will be needed to continue fostering qualified and highly skilled workers and evolving technological advancements that will boost our economy. Education and Training are also needed to support a larger school-aged population and growing demand for adult and community education.

And finally, the Public Sector will be needed to continue overseeing these different services as a whole – health care, public education, public transport and infrastructure- in order to support the community during this time of rehabilitation and change.

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