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What Does A Good Client Experience Look Like? Insights From Q1 Recruiter Insider Award Winner, Bryony Reid

What Does A Good Client Experience Look Like? Insights From Q1 Recruiter Insider Award Winner, Bryony Reid

about 1 year ago By Emily Harris
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​​Public Sector People were delighted to hear that one of our superstar consultants, Bryony Reid took out the top spot in two categories within Recruiter Insider’s quarter one awards; the Service Excellence Award and Overall Client Experience Award. Recruiter Insider is an online platform used by agencies across the country to understand and track their overall performance, and client and candidate feedback in real-time. This data is used at the end of each quarter to determine the stand out performances by agencies and individual consultants, and this quarter Bryony’s strong results and dedication to both her clients and candidates meant that she received the highest feedback ranking out of 1,000+ consultants within the Recruiter Insider database. Off the back of this amazing achievement, we spoke to Bryony to find out her secrets on providing a great experience to both candidates and clients alike. What does she think is the key to establishing good relationships with your clients and candidates and why is prioritising people so imperative in the recruitment business?​

Read on to find out:

1. Firstly, congratulations on your two Recruiter Insider Awards - Overall Client Experience and Service Excellence awards for Q1 2021! What does a positive client experience or ‘service excellence’ mean to you? 

It’s an amazing feeling and a greater reflection of the lovely people I get to work with on a daily basis. 

2. When reaching out and starting a relationship with clients, what are your key priorities to ensure the relationship grows and develops?

Being myself and allowing that person to get to know me as an individual. It’s about trust and that is something that takes time. Allowing clients to speak, listening and not being pushy, providing solutions to problems and allowing them to see if the work I do is right for them.

3. Working with a number of different clients and candidates during your time at PSP, what do you think are the common steps/behaviours that they value most from their recruiter and consider a great ‘experience’?

 Taking the time to listen, understanding their needs, and providing solutions. It’s also important to stick to timeframes and always being honest and upfront. 

 4. The overarching vision for Public Sector People is prioritising people. How do you think this relates to customer service and specifically recruitment?

 Recruitment is about people; all our clients, candidates, and colleagues. Without the people it would not work, each person has their own value and uniqueness which is something that shouldn’t be forgotten. 

 5. What has been your favourite part of your role as a recruiter to date?

 Seeing someone happy at work, being part of their career journey and seeing their success. 

 6. Where to from here? What are some of your key goals for the rest of 2021 – especially in relation to your client and candidate base?

 To continue making regular contact and allowing people to get to know me. By having a great understanding of people on an individual basis, it means I am better able to match clients and candidates as I can determine what interests, goals, experience and even personality align.

7. For anyone considering a career in recruitment, what do you think are some valuable skills to learn and develop?

 Listening, being honest, being resilient and being patient. People have to trust you and know you are doing right by them. This will take time, but once you’ve gained their trust, the rewards are greater.  


 Congratulations again on this amazing achievement Bryony!​

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