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4 Ways To Follow Up After A Job Interview

4 Ways To Follow Up After A Job Interview

about 1 year ago By Emily Harris
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​You’ve done the right preparation, gone to the job interview, met your prospective employer and overall feel confident in how you presented yourself and how well-suited you are to the particular role. But now what? How do you find out how you actually did in your latest job interview? How long should you wait? Is it custom that for the organisation to reach out to you first to let you know if you did or didn't get a job? 

One of the trickiest parts of the jobseeker process is after an interview when you're trying to determine whether you got the job, or to determine when you’ll find out. At this early stage of your relationship with your potential employers, you don’t want to come off as pressing, desperate or annoying...but at the same time, you want to let your potential employers know you're keen and passionate about the job. To help navigate this situation Public Sector People have listed four key steps active job seekers can take to help follow up after their next job interview. Read below:

Ask about the next steps

Once the interview is over, most interviewers will ask if you have any questions. Don’t just ask if you got the job or what your chances are. Instead, ask what the next steps will be. Usually, the interviewer will give you a time table within which you should expect to hear back. If that time table passes, don’t be afraid to call back and ask for an update.

Send a thank-you note

Thank you notes are more important than you might think. A note will reinforce that you want the job, that you are courteous and they remind the interviewer about you after the job interview. Consider emailing your interviewer instead of sending a card or actual note. An email won’t get lost in the mail and will get there immediately. Not to mention that an interviewer is much more likely to get back to you via email than via the post.

Connect through LinkedIn

This is appropriate as you may be creating a long-term professional relationship. You don’t want to be direct about asking the interviewer about the outcome of the interview. Find a logical reason to connect with your interviewer, for example sharing a professional article on a subject you discussed.

Leave a message

If a period of time has gone by and you still haven’t heard anything, feel free to email or call the interviewer. Try not to be pesky about it. You could thank the interviewer for a piece of advice given to you during the interview, or for taking the time to meet with you. Simple initiatives like these help to remind the interviewer that you are here and are still interested in the position.

Waiting to hear back from a job interview can be a stressful experience. Once the interview has passed it's important to remember that you've done all that you can and the situation is now out of your hands. Over the next few days while you wait, try and keep your mind busy and active by doing things you enjoy, so you don't dwell on the interview or fuel your anxiety over the role. It's also important to remind yourself that no matter the outcome, no interview is a waste of time. Interviews are a skill; the more we practice, the better we get. If you find out that you didn't get the job, don't be afraid to ask your interviewer for feedback. This is quite custom during the interview process and can help provide you with things to develop and improve on for your next interview. 

For those that are currently looking for job opportunities and seeking advice on their interview prep, or even feedback and assistance on their application process - Public Sector People has a team of consultants who specialise in helping candidates with their job search, in addition to knowing what clients are looking for when hiring. If you’re wanting to seek advice on ‘cutting through’ within the current job market and making a strong impression with potential employers, reach out to our team of consultants at:

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