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Growth, Covid & Accomplishments: 2 Years of Public Sector People

Growth, Covid & Accomplishments: 2 Years of Public Sector People

about 1 year ago By Tom d
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As we mark Public Sector People’s second birthday this week, I thought it would be a good time to pause and reflect on all that the business and the team have accomplished, especially in the wake of the unprecedented and bizarre year that was 2020.

Part of our growth can be contributed to our strong foundations; our partnering company Design & Build had operated within the Public Sector Space for 14 years before we founded PSP. In that time, we had transitioned from a technical specialist in our core engineering markets to delivering a wide range of positions including HR, Finance, and Business Support. These were all operating under the Design & Build name and it had become apparent these positions didn’t really talk to all the additional positions we were working on. We are extremely proud of what we do in the Public Sector and wanted to build a business which brought a focus on the ‘people’ element of what we do, which is how PSP first came to being.

Another key contributor to our growth has been our strong sense of self; our vision and values that has helped to differentiate our company within such a competitive market. Since day one, PSP’s vision has revolved around being the most trusted recruitment agency in Australia. It was a key driver in establishing our business and I believe it is the key factor in standing out from competitors. Yes, we use all the best tech integrations, we have a team of fantastic people and we have systems and processes which allow us to source roles quickly and scale with contracts. But it is the constant question “is what we are doing building trust with our colleagues, clients and candidates?” that drives everything we do. Focusing on trust works at all levels of the business, from a simple conversation with a candidate or giving honest feedback to our candidates at all times, to making a strategic decision on who we bring into the business. Furthermore, ensuring that our ‘people’ value trust, honesty, feedback and care and demonstrate these values in their interactions is especially important as it helps project our values onto the wider public. Having this strong foundation helps us continue to stand out in an industry that is built on supporting and serving people.

When reflecting over the last two years it is hard not to think of COVID and the effect it has had both on the business itself and the people within it. It has been a challenging time for all, but what I have been impressed to see during this time is the resilience shown by the internal team. When COVID first hit, the readiness and dedication the team applied not only to transitioning to remote working in less than 24 hours but in making the necessary changes to our processes, to support our candidates and clients, was outstanding. The team worked so hard to bring as much clarity to our candidates in the early stages of what was happening as they could and made a conscious effort of increasing their communication with all stakeholders to make this happen. Furthermore, the way the team was able to help our candidates marry their new working environment with their personal lives in such a period of uncertainty was amazing to see. From the beginning of covid, we knew the role we played in our client and candidate’s professional life would change for the foreseeable future, but we also knew we had an important role to play in keeping in touch and offering the support we could. It was great to see everyone play their part in achieving this.

Covid definitely tested a significant number of businesses- especially within recruitment but I think a key reason PSP were still able to grow and develop despite these challenges was due to our team. The people we work with is the core of our business and the reason we have been able to achieve as much as we have in two years. As mentioned previously, we are in a people industry and the people who work with PSP are the reason we have achieved everything we have. It is great to work with people who believe in who we are, where we are going and help to shape how we do things. To further demonstrate this, last year (during the middle of covid no less) Recruiter Insider awarded us as one of the first five companies for candidate experience, which is an amazing reflection of the work our team have put in over the year and how it has paid off.

Despite the challenges of 2020, PSP still had some key goals to work towards, one being continuing to develop our recently launched search and selection process. PSP was traditionally built focusing on the temporary job market but during this time we have seen an increasing demand for our search & selection program. So much so that it led us to establish a dedicated search and selection team. We believe we have a unique offering as we are able to combine the government network we have built over the last 14 years with the private sector network we have built over the last 17 years through our partner company Design & Build. Our search and selection business looks to offer and perform the full recruitment process; advertising, longlisting, shortlisting and testing at all levels of a position, which gives our clients more value for the investment they make in a permanent hire. We are excited about what the future holds in this team and have strong growth plans for this area of the business in 2021 and beyond! Developing the search and selection process comes is another example of PSP striving to offer the best service we can and build on the trust we have already built with our clients.

In addition to our search & selection process, over the last year we have also focused on firstly, growing our client base across New South Wales and Queensland and on boarding 25 new contracts across QLD, Victoria and NSW with a mix of local, state and federal government clients. By focusing on a broader geographical coverage, we believe we can offer more opportunities for our candidate base through providing more specialist knowledge in more areas. Since the beginning, our focus has always been on the ‘how’ and we continue to review how we engage with clients and candidates to make sure we are doing the best we can for each person we engage with.

Having now reached our second year, I am excited in looking toward the future and what it holds for both the public sector and PSP. The Public Sector will always go through change and over the last year we have seen our clients implement systems, processes and policies at a record pace. I believe the last 12 months has been a great insight into what is to come; the change of employment practice has allowed for wider candidate access and a work force which for a number of organisations, has thrived during this state of change. The requirements of organisations to manage workforces remotely has changed the model of what is expected from employees, how organisations measure and track productivity and how they communicate future positions. Those who are able to embrace these challenges will have the edge when it comes to attracting and retaining people.

To manage and help facilitate these changes within our industry, PSP will continue to be people focused. We want to maintain and strengthen our reputation as a company who cares about the people we engage with every day and for that to happen we need to make sure we persist in acting on the feedback we receive.

We also believe in the power that comes with truly understanding your market. Consequently, by specialising as a company within the Public Sector and having our consultants focus and specialise on different verticals within the sector, each consultant can become experts within their chosen verticals, which allows us to provide the best service to both our clients and candidates. Moving forward, we are looking to increase the verticals we cover across all states and will focus on doing that over the next year with people who care, as well as continuing to build trust at every opportunity.

A huge thank you to all our clients, candidates and of course, the team at PSP for everything they have done over the last two years. I look forward to reflecting back on where we are now, in a year and even five years from now, with the reassurance that no matter where we are, we will still be people focused and working continuously to be the most trusted recruitment agency in Australia. Happy two years Public Sector People and congratulations!