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Introducing Cheri: Our New IT Consultant

Introducing Cheri: Our New IT Consultant

over 1 year ago By Emily Harris
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​​Meet the newest addition to the Public Sector People Team, Cheri Randell! Not only will Cheri be joining our Melbourne office this week, but she will be be the team's dedicated Information Technology consultant! This is an exciting step for the company to have a specialist grow and develop our client and candidate base and learn more about the diverse and evolving industry that plays a pivotal role within the public sector.

Cheri brings with her a wealth of experience in recruiting within the IT space and we're thrilled to have her on board! We caught up with her this week to find out a little bit more about her and why she chose Public Sector People:

What was it that attracted you to join Public Sector People?
The genuine care they have for their people, clients and candidates.

What does Prioritising People mean to you?
Everything. Without prioritising the key stakeholders, there is no relationship. The aim is to be the go-to person for my clients and candidates and for them to trust that I will work to deliver the best possible outcome to support them.

What do you enjoy about recruiting within IT?
I really enjoy the diversity of IT and how each day can be completely different. IT is the way of the future, especially after/during the pandemic and there is still so much to learn! It is an evolving space full of interesting projects and I am excited to get stuck into it!

What can your clients and candidates expect from you?
I am reliable, very honest and dedicated to supporting them in any way that I possibly can. Efficient communication is how I like to work and following up when I say I will.

What motivates you to work hard?
Helping people. If a client or candidate comes to me needing my help, I will not let them down. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone who is in a difficult spot and then watching them flourish.

And finally, a few questions about Cheri's life outside of recruitment...

What do you like to do outside of work?
After relocating to Australia from England in Feb 2018, I can confidently say I love all of what Australia has to offer (wine). Outside of work, you’ll either find me in the gym, by the beach/water or having brunch/dinner with friends in the new hotspot in town.

What is your biggest fear?
Snakes, Sharks and any kind of Octopus! My skin is crawling just writing the words…terrifying!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I have always wanted to live in Spain, partly because I spent so much of my childhood there and it feels like home and I LOVE the language!

Want to find out more about available IT roles within the public sector? Cheri can be contacted on:


Phone: 0466 699 297

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