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Consultant Focus: Meet Paul Cullen

Consultant Focus: Meet Paul Cullen

over 1 year ago By Emily Harris
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Within the Public Sector, there are many different departments and divisions that require very specific knowledge and skills. Which is why at Public Sector People we have a number of consultants who specialise on recruiting for these particular areas- whether Finance and HR or Construction and Engineering. By focusing on one or two disciplines, our consultants can absorb and develop an extensive knowledge on the market and know what organisations are looking for when hiring new talent. Our consultants can then utilise this knowledge to ensure their candidates have the best and most-up-to-date information when applying for roles as well as guiding them to roles that will best match their needs.

One of our key consultants for the Construction and Engineering space in Sydney is Paul Cullen. We’ve provided a little more information on what Paul does at Public Sector People below; how he manages the recruitment process, the relationships he builds with both clients and candidates and the current roles he has available.

Can you explain your role at Public Sector People?

I am a full 360 consultant, working across local governments in NSW.

What are the types of positions you recruit for?

While I work across a lot of industries my focus is technical roles. These can be Project Manager roles within both the construction and engineering space. Some of the roles I have recently placed in the engineering space would be design, drainage, traffic, assets and development.

Within engineering and construction, what are the key skills and capabilities you look for on a resume?

A lot of councils I work with will specify the software skills and experience a successful candidate must have- especially for contract work - so that they can easily transition into a role, so having software experience for a candidate is invaluable. Obviously, for project manager roles I recruit for, the more project experience a candidate can demonstrate - especially multidisciplinary projects- the better.

You’ve built some lasting relationships with both clients and candidates while at Public Sector People. Can you explain the key to maintaining and strengthening these connections?

I think the best way to build trust with your clients is through transparency and honesty. I always try and be honest with both my clients and candidates in regard to feedback, rejections or any job or market updates. I think it’s also important to get back to people regularly so they feel they can rely and depend on you. Finally, being able to check in with your clients and candidates, ask how they are, how their day’s been and showing a general interest demonstrates a level of care that I think people appreciate and can help foster stronger connections.

What commitment will you make to the active job seekers you choose to work with?

For my candidates, I will always have their best interests at heart and do right by them. I try to demonstrate this through letting them know of all suitable opportunities which might be of interest to them and assisting them to the best of my ability to secure the right role for them This will include providing tips and checking in with them before each interview, helping to format their resumes and providing general market advice.

How do you conduct the aftercare process in the roles you recruit for?

It’s important to ensure that the candidates you’ve placed are happy in their new role, as starting a new job can be a daunting process. I like to regularly check in with my candidates every few weeks after they start their role to make sure they are happy, they are enjoying working in the team and the workload is manageable. If the client is going well, I might extend these check-ins to every few months and if the candidate flags anything negative, I can identify these issues as they arise and act as a facilitator to both the candidate and the client to negotiate a best outcome for both parties.

Paul’s Current Opportunities

Project Engineer

Location: Sydney

Contract Type: Contract

Job Summary: A local council is looking for a Project Engineer to work with their Infrastructure Projects Engineer, Works Manager and Roads Work Crew in implementing operations, maintenance and renewal strategies and works programs for council’s road infrastructure assets.

Click here for more information

Design Engineer

Location: Sydney

Contract Type: Contract

Job Summary: A local Sydney government’s City Infrastructure and Traffic Operations (CITO) Unit is looking for a Design Engineer to join their team on a 12-month basis to provide technical, operational and business support to the unit’s core responsibilities.

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Contact Us

 To Find out more about any of the roles listed above, or to reach out to Paul for a confidential chat about the job market within the public sector and his upcoming opportunities within the NSW construction and engineering space, you can contact him at:


 Phone: 0403 242 600

 Linkedin: Click here

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