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Consultant Focus: Meet Paul Gleeson

Consultant Focus: Meet Paul Gleeson

over 1 year ago By Emily Harris
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The Public Sector is a vast and significant portion of the Australian job market, which covers multiple industries each with their own specific knowledge and skills. This is why at Public Sector People, we have a number of consultants who specialise on recruiting for these particular industries- whether Finance and HR or Construction and Engineering. By focusing on one or two disciplines, our consultants can absorb and develop an extensive knowledge on the market and know what organisations are looking for when hiring new talent and ensuring they are matching candidates to the roles that will best match their needs.

One of our key consultants for who is responsible for finding and securing new talent for management level roles across the public sector and local government is Paul Gleeson. We’ve provided a little more information on how Paul recruits for clients based on the specific criteria they provide him and his unique understanding of the industry. He also shares the steps to building strong relationships with both clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process and the current roles he has available.

Can you explain your role at Public Sector People?

I am a business leader at Public Sector People, heading up our Search & Selection Practice.

What are the types of positions you recruit for?

The typical roles I recruit for range from mid-level technical roles to executive senior roles across both Water Authorities and Local Councils (Government).

For active jobseekers, what are the key things your successful applicants have in common?

A strong common thread is the technical background amongst many candidates. In particular, candidates who have degrees in Engineering, Environmental or Science backgrounds.  Practical work experience across Industry, Engineering Consultancies and Water Authorities/Councils is also very typical with successful applicants.

You work exclusively with clients to help them recruit for new roles. Can you explain this process further and the commitment and service you provide the clients you work with?

All roles that I recruit for are under a retained exclusive agreement with our clients.  This ensures a strong commitment on for both parties in the process, and it also provides our clients to work closely with them on key projects that will eventually be beneficial to their business – i.e.  finding great talent.

My search processes include targeting key prospective candidates in the market that have backgrounds aligned to the core requirements of the role, and maybe interested in an open/confidential discussion.  Furthermore, through my fifteen years’ experience, I have found ‘good people are always happy to refer good people’ for opportunities. So, I spend a lot of my time building and forging partnerships and relationships across the sector to assist as many people as possible for their future career moves.

What commitment will you make to the active job seekers you choose to work with?

I aim to keep my candidates informed as much as possible through-out the recruitment process.  One of the biggest issues our industry constantly faces is candidates complaining they never hear back from applications, or of not being kept up to date on the recruitment process.  Communication and remaining transparent is an area of the process that is really important, and a simple phone call or email to provide an update, is not only essential, but courteous in my mind.

Why is the aftercare stage so important in the recruitment process- especially within search & selection for these management-level roles?

Our aftercare is vital in Search & Selection as it aids both the client and candidates time to help settle in from the recruitment process, through to onboarding.  Sometimes, long notice periods are required, and hence delayed start dates can take up to 4 to 6 weeks in most cases, from the time a candidate accepts the role until their commence date.  So, during this phase I contact both clients and the candidate weekly and maintain this throughout the first 3 to 6 months, until the candidate has settled well into their new role.


Paul's Current Job Opportunities:

I recently completed two major assignments with South East Water.  First was a Group Manager – Strategic Asset Management role and the second and Integrated Water Manager Engineer position.  Both positions were complex in nature and required a specific targeted search to market.

I am also currently in the middle of three roles with City West Water – Major Government Works Team Leader, Project Delivery Team Leader and Senior Project Manager.  Again, because the roles are technical in nature and quite specific to City West Water, I conducted a dual targeted mapping and search process, complimented with a strong external advertising campaign. 

With the roles above, we also included all internal employee applications and put them through a comprehensive and transparent recruitment process that aims to reduce any internal conscious or unconscious bias, to ensure they were afforded the best chance of success in the process as well as the external candidates.


To find out more about any of the roles listed above, or to reach out to Paul for a confidential chat about the upcoming opportunities for management level roles within both local council and water authorities, you can contact him at:


Phone: 0420 979 409

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