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QLD Unveils $200M Support Program For Local Council Jobs

QLD Unveils $200M Support Program For Local Council Jobs

about 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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Queensland communities will get new or upgraded pools, playgrounds, caravan parks and other facilities under a $200 million local government jobs support program announced this week.

Announcing the Covid Works for Queensland program on Tuesday, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk thanked the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) for submitting a list of projects for funding consideration.

Minister for Local Government Stirling Hinchliffe has said that while details of the program are still being finalised, it “will expand to include South East Queensland councils and will be on top of the $600 million remote and regional program”.


Lucia, our Local Government Consultant in Brisbane shares her thoughts on the new investment,

“I think that the program is essentially investing in and revitalising our neighbourhoods through public assets. It positive to see the QLD government putting tax-payers money into public services. Not only is this a great job creation opportunity, but this will in turn attract more people to QLD and stimulate our economy here.

Another note is the consistent growth in civil and water infrastructure. As QLD keeps growing in population, the government is ensuring that the infrastructure is able to accommodate that growth.”


If you are looking for a new role within the local government in Queensland, feel free to reach out to Lucia to hear about upcoming opportunities. / 0420 941 667