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LGNSW Announces $395M Stimulus Package

LGNSW Announces $395M Stimulus Package

about 2 years ago By Paul Cullen
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It was great to see some positive news shared last week Local Government NSW as they secured a great result for the NSW councils and communities. 

The NSW Government announced a $395 million stimulus package which comes in light of the sectors efforts to combat the impacts of recent crisis' such as the bushires, droughts, limited water supplies and now the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The $395 million local government economic stimulus package includes:

  • $112.5 million for a NSW government Job Retention Allowance
  • $32.8 million to help councils meet increases in the 2020/21 Emergency Services Levy
  • $250 million in low-cost loans to kick-start community infrastructure projects. 
The announcement from the NSW Government makes it the first to provide Covid-19 support of this magnitude to the local government sector and will, in turn, create multiple job opportunities for those within the public sector. 
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