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5 Weeks Working From Home - What Have We Seen?

5 Weeks Working From Home - What Have We Seen?

about 2 years ago By Tom Dumper
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As PSP hits 5 weeks from home I thought it might be interesting to share what we have seen from 3 different lenses.

Internally, we have seen a huge amount of resilience and care shown by our team. They have been asked to play a different roles in people’s lives than before, we are used to as a team successfully placing large numbers of people into roles on a weekly basis and this has flipped to sharing information, offering as much certainty was we can on how clients and candidates are handling what is happening and finding ways to make sure as many people hear from us as often as possible so no one is left wondering. Whilst the placement numbers have dropped we are extremely proud that through a global pandemic we have been able to keep as many people as we have employed with our clients, that we are finding new opportunities for our candidates every day and doing our best to make sure people feel connected to us.

Candidates, there is a huge wave of positivity in a difficult time. Our candidates are showing a willingness to look at things differently, to have a can-do mindset and a want to talk about there careers moving forward. There has been an openness to how they are feeling and the difficult balance we all face between health and finances at the moment. We are happy we are able to share the positive messages from our clients about the number of post lock down requirements which will be released and the examples of clients who are doing innovative things to get people inducted from home.

Clients, I think the biggest statement here is no two clients are the same or face the same challenges and this has never been more true. We are seeing clients who have had to restructure teams and reduce head counts, we are seeing clients who have been able to  continue to support their active work force and those are actively hiring and onboarding to deliver key projects. We have seen clients make huge pivots to what they are doing, rolling out new process and procedures in record time and meet new challenges head on.

What we can say with certainty is a number of clients are still hiring, there is a going to be a backlog in projects when we come out of stage 3 which are going to need resources and we are here to support as many of our clients and candidates as we can to make sure the next phase is a success.