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Tips for Remote Employee Inductions

Tips for Remote Employee Inductions

about 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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With Councils and Government in general really embracing working from home for the permanent and temporary / contract staff it has been great to see everyone working together.


The next challenge for Councils and Government is the remote induction, we are really excited to see the first of our clients starting to get on the front foot with essential services to make this happen.

Here are some tips which you could implement to make it happen:


  1. Using courier services to get the relevant IT equipment sent or arranging a pick up point
  2. Send a welcome pack / email and make an induction pack. Share all important contact details (IT, HR, Ops, their team) an organisation chart would be a huge help.
  3. Send soft copies of all forms to be filled in if not already done pre-onboarding stage. Also, continue to send them company uniform (if applicable), they may want to dress in their uniform each day to maintain a routine.
  4. Use Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom to share screens on video chat to conduct the company introduction and induction with HR.
  5. Ensure the manager hosts a team meeting and welcomes the new candidate on a video, it will be difficult to get to know your colleagues so try to arrange calls for them to do meet and greats.
  6. Manager one on one call / video call to reassure that we are all in this together then explain KPI’s and set expectations.
  7. Add them to any office virtual groups, WhatsApp group if applicable.
  8. Weekly check-in video calls to ensure they are doing ok
  9. An onboarding survey in a month to get their feedback


At the heart of everything is communication.