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5 Benefits of Working in the Public Sector

5 Benefits of Working in the Public Sector

over 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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 When it comes to identifying which sector is going to give you the career you want, there’s no perfect solution – the right fit for you will depend on your individual circumstances, priorities and career goals.

Considering a career within the Public Sector? Here’s 5 benefits that may sway your decision…


1. You can make a difference in your community

When public services are done right, they can make a real impact on individuals and communities. These types of public roles are well suited for people who are motivated to make positive changes to benefit those around them.


2.  Improved work/life balance

Generally, the public sector is more reasonable than the private industry due to employment awards and agreements that preserve shorter working hours. Overtime can also be accrued and paid back in flexible leave.


3. Boost your resume

In terms of developing a rounded CV, getting experience in different sectors is a positive step. Many public sector jobs provide excellent opportunities to gain experience and build useful new skills. In a government job, there are frequently challenges and complexities that vary from those that you would see in the private sector.


4. Staff training

Public sector organisations are committed to realising their staff's potential. Employees are often encouraged, if not required, to enhance their skills set by participating in training programmes, progressing their profession.


5. Job Security

One of the biggest stressors for people working in the private sector is job security. Businesses in the private sector are always growing, changing, merging, and restructuring which can put a lot of stress people who depend on their income to pay the bills. These kinds of concerns hardly exist in the public sector - the government won't go out of business like a private company could.



If a job in the public sector sounds like the right fit for you, our team have a number of opportunities available across Australia. Upload your resume today to hear from a member of our team.