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Lucia Schefferman’s Post-EOFY view of QLD’s Public Sector Careers Market

Lucia Schefferman’s Post-EOFY view of QLD’s Public Sector Careers Market

over 2 years ago By Team
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Lucia moved from Design & Build to sister company Public Sector People earlier this year, after 2 ½ years with Design and Build. Since her move, Lucia has been enjoying the challenges and opportunities that come with working in the Public Sector, especially with the huge investment the Queensland government is making into South-East QLD infrastructure.

Here is Lucia’s summary of the recruitment market over the 4 months since the end of the financial year...

Hiring trends are going up and up

Since the 2015 Queensland state election, the Palaszczuk government has hired 22,726 extra workers, with 4392 more full-time equivalent employees due to be hired next year.

Employee expenses and superannuation make up nearly 50% of the QLD government's total expenses in 2019-20, coming in at more than $29 billion. This figure is up $1.22 billion – greater than 4% – from last year, as a result of more full-time public servants being hired.


Candidates are flocking to Public Sector careers

Nationally I’ve been noticing a lot of interest across a variety of industry sectors who are keen to step into local government. E.g: Marketing, information technology, main contractors, etc.  Many have different motivators but some drivers include stability, career development and working with the community.

Candidates are increasingly looking for careers in the public sector, a recent example was a marketing and communications professional who left her permanent job in the corporate sector to step into a contractor role in the Public Sector.

Professionals are becoming aware that public sector careers do pay market related rates for sought after skills. For example we are working on an Agile Project Manager role paying up to $850/day, which generated over 100 interested applicants within hours enabling us to have a very high quality shortlist of candidates to the client within a day.

I consider the Public Sector a space where one can develop their careers and be a part of their community development. To be hands-on engaged and involved with the city you live in. 

- Lucia Scheferman


Client demand is the strongest it has been

Public Sector is always at the forefront of driving a strong EVP to attract and retain the best talent, offering flexible working arrangements and paying more Superannuation (some 13-17% as opposed to standard 9.5% in the corporate sector).

Environmental Engineers and Health officers - there’s a big emphasis on environmental compliance which is creating multiple career opportunities for HSE and Environmental Health Officers which can be paid upwards of $44/hr plus Super. 

Admin Support and Finance - there is always a consistent demand for these roles and a great opportunity for corporate professionals to get a start in the public sector. We’re always keen to speak with private or public sector candidates who have General Administration, Payroll, HR, People & Culture Officers, Customer Service, EA/PA’s experience.
If you are interested in having a chat about the trends within our Public Sector clients, don't hesitate to connect with Lucia on LinkedIn or email