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What does Prioritising People actually mean?

What does Prioritising People actually mean?

over 2 years ago By Team
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You may have seen a recurring theme on our Public Sector People social media pages, the hashtag #PrioritisingPeople… but what does it actually mean?

The simple truth is that our job is to assist people in finding their best career move. Our vision is to be the most trusted recruitment agency in Australia. Why? Because success to us is doing right by our clients, candidates and colleagues.

In every conversation we have with our candidates we make a specific point to find out about their career experience, what they're looking for in their next role and where they want their career to be heading. 


“It’s a 360 approach to explore all possibilities internally and externally.”

Where possible we always like to get face to face with our candidates, sit down with them and their resume, to ensure that their resume and skillsets are relevant to the role that they are applying for. This doesn't mean rearranging the resume, it means using our collective PSP knowledge to bring the most relevant career information to the fore.

For many candidates crafting the right resume is an educational piece to correctly highlight skillsets and experience to give the candidate the best opportunity.

What does PSP do that is unique in recruitment?

We have an aftercare process. PSP’s aftercare communication and the frequency that we speak with candidates is a standout for us, because it's important that our candidates actually enjoy the role we have helped them step into.


Once we place a candidate we make a considered effort to speak with them regularly, depending on the role this could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


We establish some strong lines of communications to gain valuable insight into how the candidate is feeling in their new position.

As we all know any person, who is enjoying their job will have far more chance to excel and progress. 


A great example of our putting people first was the recognition for Sarah Kettlewell who won the Recruiter Insider award for her dedication to candidate care. We don't do it for awards but the external recognition shows the difference our candidate care process is making.


While there isn’t a particular process used at PSP by our consultants to ensure that we put people first, each of our recruiters has their own style with their candidates and clients.


After all, it’s the combination of our different recruitment styles that ensures our candidates are given the best chance of finding their perfect role.

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