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Civil Construction Hiring Trends In the Public Sector

Civil Construction Hiring Trends In the Public Sector

almost 3 years ago By Paul Cullen
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With the continuous growth of NSW local councils and the number of infrastructure projects happening, contract positions within the Public Sector are becoming more and more appealing. 

In the new financial year we’ve seen an increase in demand for contract staff, due to new council budgets and covering for staff taking periods of leave. Council restructuring and staff movements are also affecting talent flows. 

Some great opportunities are available with the new Western Sydney airport being announced and developments happening across a range of Councils in NSW, with no signs of slowing down.

With advertising currently at an all-time low, it is crucial to have a network and have relationships with candidates who specialise in the civil space. Clients are always open to candidates with relevant skills and experience and contracts is an ideal opportunity to explore all options.

Skills in demand

Due to all the projects happening within infrastructure all candidates with design and development experience in the civil space are in demand. 

Experience within road and drainage design or experience across floodplain and stormwater in civil engineering. Software currently advantageous would be 12D, Civil 3D and AutoCad.

Talent flows

The public sector are always open to people with the relevant experience and skill set but having local or state government experience in similar roles is highly advantageous at this time. Also networking and understanding the different stages of projects will allow you to identify the best candidates available for the appropriate stages.

Personally, I believe contracting is a great opportunity to be involved in some exciting projects happening across the Public Sector in NSW. 

Contracting gives you the opportunity to be involved in the appropriate stages of projects which will allow you to display your skills and experience and open the door for developing your career in the industry. The network you will gain from such projects will also benefit your career and present new opportunities.

Networking, whether you're in the market for a new career or not, with clients across these scopes of work has never been more important to understand projects and the different stages of delivery for each project.  

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