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Town Planning career market update with Emma Murphy

Town Planning career market update with Emma Murphy

almost 3 years ago By Emma Murphy
Town Planning Career Market Update

Emma Murphy, our resident Public Sector People Town Planning Recruitment Consultant, shares her views on the current Town Planning talent market.
Key market drivers.
In the new financial year we’ve seen an increase in demand for contract staff, due to new council budgets and covering for staff taking periods of leave. Council restructuring and staff movements are also affecting talent flows. 
This is very positive considering at the start of the calendar year we noticed a decrease in planning permit activity. Some councils commented that it was the lowest number of applications they had seen since 2014. 
There's continued demand in the growth area councils such as Wyndham, Melton, Hume, Whittlesea, Casey & Cardinia. The demand for ‘growth area’ experience is increasing as it's a unique form of town planning requiring a unique skillset. These areas are the focus of new residential development along with relevant facilities such as commercial districts, schools and other community amenities and services.
There's a demand for Contract Planners in Regional Victoria, due to covering staff shortages and the increased development in those areas. 
What candidates need to know.
Contract Planners are typically being employed for 6 months per contract in regional areas and in metro councils this has been around 3-6 months. Regional councils are typically offer more flexibility and generous hourly rates to attract contract staff.
Contract staff are particularly interested in roles that can offer a varied workload, flexible working hours, an opportunity to work remotely and some security, either in the form of a longer term contract or financially. 
Contract roles are a great foot in the door to those who are new to the industry, whether interstate, international or new to the profession. If there is a genuine opportunity to transition into a permanent role, even better to attract contract staff.
Contract roles allow planners to dip their toes in the water of the Public Sector, if they are not sure which direction they would like to take in their career. It allows for flexibility, if someone cannot commit to a permanent role due to upcoming travels or study/family commitments. It also allows planners to get exposure to different types of applications in various councils and broaden their experience. 

More about Emma: 

Emma hails from the Emerald Isle and recruited for a large global recruiter before she found her new home here in Melbourne. She spends her free time exploring all the best spots regional Victoria has to offer, with the 
occasional hike and well-earned brunch thrown in!​
03 8535 3100

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