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Ashley Wilkes on his professional influences

Ashley Wilkes on his professional influences

almost 3 years ago By Team
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Following on from Ashley Wilkes’ promotion to Senior Consultant at Public Sector People we asked him who he feels has influenced his career the most….

“I think that some of my fundamental work philosophy stems from my parents. They always mentioned how they worked multiple jobs and came from relatively humble backgrounds. They gave me the understanding that you need to put in the effort to reap the rewards and I can't thank them enough for their guidance. 

Throughout my career I've also worked in a range of industries where you work with people from quite diverse backgrounds. This I feel has helped me to understand different personality traits and given me a deeper understanding of social intelligence, invaluable tools to be able to build meaningful workplace relationships. 

I also think coming from an engineering background allows me to think strategically, which was heavily influenced by the great people I was involved with during my apprenticeship back in the UK. So I think that certainly helps me in terms of my work in recruitment now.

And a big shout out to Matt Larner, who in particular who is a fantastic leader and has built a strong team culture here at PSP. Matt encourages us to all be very interactive in the way that we provide each with constructive feedback and giving examples of how we could all improve collectively.

Lastly, at both PSP & Design & Build we have fantastic consultants in our team that I've been able to leverage off, especially in terms of the client relationships they have brought to me and just listening to them in the office. 

Immersing myself in the buzz of the office, I feel, is one of the best ways to continually improve the way I recruit.”

More about Ashley...

After relocating to Australia 5 years ago, I combined my previous background in the public sector with recruitment. I love fish and chips and a good cup of tea. My childhood hero is Arnold Schwarzenegger plus I'm a Grimsby Town FC and Collingwood FC fan.

Ashley Wilkes
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